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Subject API Question - External Redirect
Date Sat, 20 Apr 1996 14:56:06 GMT
I am trying to get a module to generate an external redirect header.
ie. a set of HTTP header lines which contain a "Location: URL" line.

The obvious way given the framework of the API would be to do something


Now, this won't work because send_http_header() calls basic_http_header()
which sends along a Content-type along with some other headers.  The 
Location header is sent, but it is further down the list.

Is there an RFC which discusses precedence of http headers?  ie. how
does the browser determine that the Location header should be ignored?
Is it the presence of the Content-type header before it?  If so, should
send_http_header() not check for a Location header and send that first
if it is present in the "headers_out" table?

Or is there some other way to do an external redirect from a module short
of the module doing all the work itself?


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