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Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "cgi-redirect won't accept method=POST data." on Linux (fwd)
Date Thu, 11 Apr 1996 03:32:34 GMT
> > Apache (1.0.3) breaks connection with browser on 
> > submission of data through a cgi-redirect utilizing
> > a post-method.

You cannot use mod_cgi_redirect.c with the POST method in
1.0.[0-3] because of the lack of the 78b.preserve_redirect
patch which got vetoed for those versions.  This patch is in
the 1.1 code.  The guy is running my php stuff and this is
pretty clearly documented in the php documentation.  Let me know
if you want me to ACK this one.  Didn't want to start speaking
for the group here since I am just a fringe observer.

Rasmus Lerdorf

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