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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Further evidence of configure's shortcomings
Date Fri, 19 Apr 1996 18:16:54 GMT wrote:
> > As I have said before, what would make Apache easier still for end users is
> > autodetection of their platform, which is then used (in a straightforward
> > way, meaning not by searching libraries) to determine which extra
> > libraries go with the currently selected modules, and sets a -D<platform>
> > the usual way. 
> On this note, I have a question.  Right now in a worst-case scenario, people
> who wish to use mod_php with embedded support for gdbm, GD, mSQL and
> Postgres95 have to specify something similar to this:
> EXTRA_LIBS= -L/home/rasmus/phpfi/src -lphp -L/opt/msql/lib -lmsql \ 
> -L/opt/postgres95/lib -lpq -lgdbm -lgd -lm
> Right now when PHP/FI is compiled as an Apache module, it spits out
> this line and tells Joe Admin to go add this to his Configuration
> file along with the Module line.  Short of me writing something that
> actually tries to edit the Configuration file, I don't see how I can make
> it easier.  What do other large modules do?  In this case, the PHP module
> when compiled is compiled as a library and the user has a number of 
> compile-time options so it is impossible to know which libraries the
> libphp.a expects to see until it is compiled.

The only idea I've had is that you have an auxiliary file which has something

<platform>:<module>:<extra libraries>:<other extra stuff that may be

which is processed to produce a MODULE_LIBS (and possibly others) which is used
in the Makefile.

I had a crack at it but its painful without Perl, which I wanted to avoid for
those who ain't got it. Regrettably, it isn't standard yet!

Might actually be easiest to build a really vanilla C program to do it.



> -Rasmus

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