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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Keepalive netscape bug recap
Date Mon, 15 Apr 1996 21:02:05 GMT
> I'm talking with someone from a magazine that's reviewing 
> NCSA/Apache/Netscape and is looking at keepalive.
> Can someone (Alexei?) remind me of the problem with Netscape. I rememeber
> something about a performance hit caused by flushing output to keep
> a broken Netscape happy.

As far as I remember there are two problems with Netscape. The first was that
the data delivered had to exceed a certain minimum. The second is that the
win 3.1 version doesn't like the keptalive connection being dropped (it hangs
on the next fetch from that server).

The first I'm a bit hazy on. The second I'm sure of!

As I remember it the minimum amount of data included the headers. End of brain
dump ;-)



> cheers,
> rob

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