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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: conditional HTML
Date Mon, 15 Apr 1996 16:07:58 GMT
> I've never understood why NCSA httpd/Apache want to be built in their
> eventual install directory.  In my setup, you use "make install" to
> install everything once it is compiled.  Then you can delete the
> source and build trees if you want.

I think it is more the case that NCSA/Apache don't deal with installation at
all (after all, its only one file!).

> There are still some install issues I haven't dealt with, eg:
> * Should the default configuration files ("blah-conf.dist") be
>   rewritten at build time to know the install location?  This is easy
>   to do, if it is desirable.
> * Should these files even be installed?  What should happen if you
>   already have Apache installed?

They should not be installed. They are unlikely to make any sense at all for
any particular site.

> One other thing that we get "for free" is the ability to type "make
> dist", and have a gzipped tar file created automatically.  (The
> Makefile rules to do this are all generated by Automake with very
> little effort from the maintainer)

One small snag with this, for me at least, is that I can't even run autoconf
on SCO (coz I can't compile it). Fortunately, I may be giving up on SCO soon,
in favour of a more politically correct OS ;-)



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