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From Matthew K Gray <>
Subject error_log losing trailing slash
Date Fri, 12 Apr 1996 13:54:40 GMT
I've noticed a number of entries in our log file of the form:

[Fri Apr 12 00:00:45 1996] access to /server/root/path/path/path/file.html failed for,
reason: File does not exist

The peculiar piece of this is that the file _does_ exist.  It turns
out the requested document was actually /path/path/path/file.html/

I suppose 404 is the right response here (though it might be nice for
it to notice there _is_ a file of that name), but logging it without
the trailing slash is very confusing.  I tried to track down where it
is losing it and haven't had any luck.  check_symlinks looks like it's
behaving.  Where else do we chop off trailing slashes?


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