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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/src Configuration.tmpl
Date Wed, 10 Apr 1996 17:04:47 GMT
> > + 
> >  + # Even more finally, the proxy module. Incomplete, buggy and possibly dangerous
> >  + # Use it at your own risk.
> >  + 
> >  + # Module proxy_module       mod_proxy.o
> Well, I don't like that; in what way is the module dangerous, buggy or
> incomplete? (Any more than the rest of Apache, that is.)

:-) It is dangerous because it deletes things. More so now, because it
potentially deletes all things in subdirectories of the cache root. I freely
admit that this feature is entirely my fault. It is buggy because it currently
causes Apache to run out of file descriptors (I can probably fix that one). I
may be wrong about it being incomplete but I suspect there are some reality
checks missing.

It seemed unlikely to me that it would be thoroughly fixed and tested in this
cycle (I've decided that if I'm going to run a cache I'll probably run Harvest
so I'm not planning to test it, and noone else seems that interested - this is
not a reflection on your code particularly, just that I want to do more than
simple cacheing). So, I deemed it correct to label it appropriately. I'll
happily change the text if you have any suggestions.

No offense intended.



>  David.

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