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From (Dean Gaudet)
Subject Re: this host crap
Date Thu, 25 Apr 1996 20:36:30 GMT
In article <> you write:

Not that this is necessarily the case for this one... but something to
worry about.  Netscape doesn't ever send/use FQDNs when the user types
in an unqualified name.  i.e. try "http://www/" and you'll just get
"Host: www".  It doesn't treat cookies from "www" as if they come from
"".  It doesn't share www authentication with
The list is probably longer...

I haven't checked any other client's behaviour in this respect.

It's great trying to train people to use fqdns when they're sorta
comfortable with adding CNAMEs for single letter host names 'cause they
think it's a great timesaver.  I don't recall how many "bug reports"
and "server problems" I've had to "debug" related to this.


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