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From Brian Matthews <>
Subject apache 1.0.3
Date Tue, 09 Apr 1996 23:31:40 GMT
I have ported apache 1.0.3 to the MODCOMP Realix operating system.
This is a real-time variant of Motorola's SYSVR3 running on MOTOROLA 88K and Intel.
MODCOMP - ( http:/ )

First a problem. Realix (and maybe other systems, I dont know) does not produce
a SIGPIPE signal on broken sockets, or any other signal. This makes apache a CPU time 
hog when sockets fail as some writes run in a tight loop.  I added an option 
NO_SOCKET_SIGPIPE and put socket error checks in http_protocol.c and
some code in http_main.c to simulate SIGPIPE.

Second, Realix has real-time POSIX-1b extensions. So I put in an option for
POSIX_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT which uses POSIX named semaphores instead of Unix
file locks. They are faster, but I dont think there will be a great deal
of noticeable improvement. They were just there.

I have attached files:
Configuration - 	REALIX settings
conf.h    -   		REALIX settings
http_main.c    -  	code changes
http_protocol.c -  	code changes

Do with them as you will.

The site it is running on is

Brian Matthews                        
Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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