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From Mark Brown <>
Subject Re: ScriptAlias-like extensions for perl etc
Date Wed, 01 May 1996 01:03:14 GMT

    My first reaction is... have you talked to the perl folks about making
    this easier to setup from a standard perl archive?

We haven't yet, would like to.  Please suggest the correct contact?
(To confess, we do a lot more Tcl around here than Perl, but we
can see the way the winds blow ...)

    I just followed the instructions and got as far as a "make" failure..

    I started in a perl5.002 directory that had previously succeeding in
    making a binary for HPUX (9.07).

    /usr/local/src/fcgi-devel-kit//libfcgi/   exists but not "libfcgi.a".

    Will the perl binary that gets created be compatible with the old one
    I have, or is it specific to FastCGI ?

Did you "./configure" and "make" fcgi-devel-kit first?
There should be a fcgi-devel-kit/libfcgi/libfcgi.a
produced by the make.  Aha, reviewing the instructions
I see that they don't mention these crucial steps.

The Perl binary that gets created *should* be compatible with the old
one.  That's the goal, and it has worked for us and for others.
Which is not to say there won't be bugs ...


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