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From (Doug MacEachern)
Subject apache1.1b2 & libperl.a
Date Tue, 30 Apr 1996 23:15:45 GMT
I'm working on two apache modules (mod_perl and mod_auth_dbi),  both of
which embed Perl interpreters. Up until today had I had built against 1.0.5
sources.  I'm working with 1.1b2 now, and have run into a major problem.  

there's 2 symbols in libperl.a that now show up in apache's object files.  

/bin/ld: Duplicate symbol "usage", 
files http_main.o and [snip path]libperla(perl.o) 

from 1.0.5 sources:
% nm http_main.o | grep usage
apacha_usage        |         0|extern|entry  |$CODE$

from 1.1b2
% nm http_main.o | grep usage
usage               |         0|extern|entry  |$CODE$


/bin/ld: Duplicate symbol "die", 
files http_request.o and [snip path]libperl.a(pp_ctl.o)

from 1.0.5 sources:
% nm http_request.o | grep die
decl_die            |      2568|static|entry  |$CODE$
apache_die          |      2280|extern|entry  |$CODE$

from 1.1b2 sources:
% nm http_request.o | grep die
die                 |      2776|extern|entry  |$CODE$
decl_die            |      3088|static|entry  |$CODE$


from libperl.a we can see:
die                 |      9488|extern|entry  |$CODE$
usage               |      9028|extern|entry  |$CODE$

I don't think die & usage should be visible in libperl.a, 
but, short-term I think it would be much easier to change apache 1.1bx while
it's in beta.  I'm guessing this wouldn't be much work, but I haven't looked


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