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From John Heidemann <jo...@ISI.EDU>
Subject apache1.1b1 documentation bug fix and suggestion
Date Tue, 30 Apr 1996 01:24:26 GMT

I have two comments about apache documentation.

First, the Configuration.tmpl says:
	# Optional modules for *full* NCSA compatibility --- we think these log
	# files are a bad idea, but reasonable people seem to disagree:
	# Module agent_log_module    mod_log_agent.o
	# Module referer_log_module  mod_log_referer.o

It's very confusing for a user to be told that something is bad
without being given an alternative.

My guess is that in Apache it's better to this information with
mod_log_config.  The attached patch (against apache1.1b1) makes this

--- Configuration.tmpl- Mon Apr 29 18:11:35 1996
+++ Configuration.tmpl  Mon Apr 29 18:12:54 1996
@@ -190,6 +190,11 @@
 # Module agent_log_module    mod_log_agent.o
 # Module referer_log_module  mod_log_referer.o
+# (A better approach in apache is to enable mod_log_config
+# and add a directive like
+#      LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %s %b (%{Referer}i)"
+# to your httpd.conf.)
 # Finally, outright experiments --- mod_dld defines commands which
 # allows other modules to be loaded in at runtime, and mod_cookies
 # uses Netscape cookies to automatically construct and log accurate

If my guess about the better approach was wrong, please enlighten
me... and update the Configuration.tmpl.  If there's no consensus
about the one better approach, you can change "A better" to "Another"
in the above patch.

Second, Apache's got good documentation.  It's too bad it's not kept
with the source code.  A "doc" subdirectory would make the
documentation easier and faster to get at, available when off-line,
and available for editing (I considered patching
<> wrt my first
comment, but I don't have source :-( ).

Has anyone considered distributing the documentation HTML, Postscript,
and source with the Apache source code distribution?

   -John Heidemann

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