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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Apache on CD
Date Mon, 29 Apr 1996 16:58:59 GMT
In reply to Rob Hartill who said
> It'd be worthwhile putting Apache onto a CD complete with a
> pile of binaries.

Don't see why not.

> Paul, from your FreeBSD experience do you think this is a good
> idea and can we get Walnut Creek to do it for us in exchange for
> somehting (what do we want?)

FreeBSD is unusual in that it's a WC created CDROM. Most of their
releases are by external authors. I'm not really sure whether they'd
be interested in another such project although I think they do host
the povray development box as well so you could ask them.

If you're just going to give them the cdrom content and tell them to keep
all the profits I'm sure they'd be interested :-)

> Mmm, maybe WC could archive that for us in return for the business.
> thoughts?

Finding a distributor would not be a problem if someone wanted to provide
the content. Of course, doing it that way raises that old problem of where
the money goes and what we do with it but it would make more sense for
the Apache group to have a share in the profit rather than letting the
distributor keep it all.

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