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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: my whack at better status output
Date Mon, 29 Apr 1996 15:55:51 GMT
  Even copying from shared memory isn't totally safe without a semaphore
  of some kind, surely?

Depends what you mean by "safe".  In this particular instance, the only
risk is that the final output may reflect the state of different scoreboard
entries at slightly different instances in time.  Personally, I don't feel
that this is of very much consequence --- after all, 'ps' has behaved
this way from time immemorial, and that's never bothered me much either.

(The note to which I was responding pointed out that unless you make a
copy, and do summary statistics off that, Brian's changes may result
in a summary which disagrees slightly with what you'd get by actually
summarizing the detail information in the same status report.  Doing
both reports off the same scoreboard snapshot makes sure that the
output is in synch with itself, though again, it wouldn't bug me over
much if it weren't).


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