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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: ScriptAlias-like extensions for perl etc
Date Sat, 27 Apr 1996 20:36:48 GMT
Alexei suggests 

  <Location /my_application>
  ScriptServer coserver://

as an interface.  A few comments:

1) On stylistic grounds, unless there's something besides the "ScriptServer"
   directive which could reasonably appear inside one of these Location
   containers, I'd prefer not to make them containers at all (for harmony
   with the existing command set, and just to save typing).

2) Regardless of how item (1) is hashed out, I feel it's important to *also*
   present an Action- or Handler-style interface to these things (so they
   can be used as an interface for scripting engines without fouling up the
   namespace), and to make sure that the protocol and the directive set are
   both specified so that these things can appear in .htaccess files (with
   the right AllowOverrides of course) --- in large, diverse sites, it's a
   pain to have things which can only be started from a set of central 
   config files, and can't be changed without a full server restart.

FWIW, I believe FastCGI deals with some of the issues raised in (2),
having discussed it a bit with the people from OpenMarket, though I
*still* haven't seen the full spec.  (I've just pinged them again about
this; I find their attitude *really* puzzling).


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