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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Forwarded: Apache Suggestion (fwd)
Date Sat, 27 Apr 1996 12:49:37 GMT
This from Dave Hankins who brought us the mod_dld_elf module (as
yet unclaimed) a few months ago.  He's describing a mechanism which
(loads/links) invokes custom code sitting in a module which is
designed to perform a specific task.  Ok, so this looks like another
contender for 'ways to do stuff faster than ordinary cgi can do

Comments, if any, to Dave, not me.


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> Subject: Forwarded: Apache Suggestion
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> Along the lines of the new Script command in Apache're probably
> familiar, it lets you define an action for a kind of file that Apache doesn't
> natively support...raw HTTP handling of a specific type.
> Suggestion is a loadable module version of the same.  Leaps and bounds more
> efficient than the scripted version (no execution nor parsing overhead).  The
> server could link, use, and unlink the application, in the multi-threaded
> version, the linking and unlinking code would be responsible for loading and
> unloading as needed...The linux version of DL, for example, will link in what
> you request, and not *actually unlink* what you're done with until it's idle
> or until it needs that area of memory.
> It's a tad bit more intelligent than caching just the script to RAM (file
> cache) and continually doing the same execution/parsing overhead over it every
> time that type of file is accessed.
> Just a thought.

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