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From Tom Tromey <>
Subject Re: ScriptAlias-like extensions for perl etc
Date Fri, 26 Apr 1996 16:30:38 GMT
Rob> All my CGI is in perl :-) and the scripts are pretty big
Rob> 1000-2000 lines each. One thing I already do is pre-process the
Rob> "requires" lines of my scripts so that the stuff in the script
Rob> dirs already has the require'd modules embedded in the main
Rob> file... saves me ~10 file open/reads per CGI call.

Another thing to research is the Perl compiler, which should be going
into alpha pretty soon.  Right now it generates C, but I think there
are plans to have it generate bytecodes as well.  The latter, in
conjunction with a perl-cgi module, would probably be a big win.

The former could make it possible to write modules in Perl.  That
might also be a win.

On a related note, I'd like to see mod_include extended so that the
list of recognized keywords is dynamically extensible.  That way I
could write a mod_include_tcl (or mod_include_perl) that would allow
me to embed Tcl (or Perl, or whatever) scripts into my html documents.
In conjunction with a dynamic loading capability (something like
mod_dld), this could be very useful.

--                 Member, League for Programming Freedom

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