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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: Corporate America and Apache
Date Fri, 26 Apr 1996 15:45:14 GMT
> Aram> But what if you have both?  Shouldn't it either ingnore the 2nd
> Aram> request or discard the first one, and log it somewhere?
> Exactly how did you bind the two servers to 8080?

I had httpd running ( physically had changed from the default 80 to 8080.)  
(apache 1.0.2) And then I did a Bind 8080 on a virtual host (apache 1.0.5) 
Both were still up and running, but neither one would answer the port though.
It would just sit there with no response. 

> I don't know, for instance, how the Listen directive works.  If it
> just relies on the bind having been done to INADDR_ANY, then it will
> not see any connections on port 8080 iff another server is using
> BindAddress and binding to 8080.  However, if one server is using
> Listen to bind to 8080 and another server is using Port, then they
> will have both tried to bind to INADDR_ANY:8080.  In general, the
> latter attempt should have failed, with an EINVAL.  

Right, which should generate some kind of an error message. 

> OK.  I just read up on how Listen works.  But I'm too lazy tonight to
> edit the above paragraph....  Anyway, Listen binds tightly if you give
> it both a hostname and port, and to INADDR_ANY if you give just a
> port.  So, if the first server has a `Listen' and the
> second had `Port 8080\nBindAddress', then the 2nd should
> fail to start up.  If this is how your configs are set up, you were
> hit by, IMHO, a kernel bug.  1.3 kernels do this right, but I don't
> have a 1.2 around to play with.

Obviously, but its' not doing it... I don't think it's apache, but how listen 
was implemented in Linux.  (It's 1.2.13 kernel) I'm upgrading on Monday... 
going to libc 5.2.18, and going with 1.3.95 so I'll see if that does anything. 


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