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From Tony Sanders <>
Subject Re: Local Cache's and Port numbers
Date Thu, 25 Apr 1996 20:25:44 GMT
Brian Behlendorf writes:
> On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, Tony Sanders wrote:
> > I'm told that at least one www cache (Harvest) expects the local
> > server to live on some alternate port (e.g., port 81).  However,
> > if you just configure apache with ``Port 81'' then the server and
> > various CGI scripts will return URLs that contain the Port 81 in
> > them (which causes users to bypass the cache).
> Very, very silly design decision on Harvest's part.  Note that this is 
I don't see how one would otherwise do it but ok.

> not really a "cache" in the form we're used to, but an "accelerator" - it 
Yes, that is what they call it.

> sits in front of a regular HTTP server and handles all requests to that 
> server.  I have big questions about this model, but for some applications 
> I can see its merit (though I'd like to see a comparison between it and a 
> stripped-down apache in terms of performance...)
> > Apache needs a configuration option to tell it what port to
> > pretend to be on for the purpose of auto-URL generation and
> > for passing into CGI scripts.  Sometime like:
> > 	Port 81
> > 	ButPretendToBeOnPort 80
How about this instead:


As it has other interesting applications as well...

> > Unless someone else can think of a more clever solution...
> Run Harvest on another machine with two ethernet interfaces, the web 
> server on one side and the rest of the internet on the other, and have it 
> act as a man-in-the-middle?  Hmm....
Nope -- not a general solution

> Or, wait - bind Apache to port 80 on, and Harvest on port 80 on 
> the actual IP address?
Hmmmm... that's an interesting idea.  And if Harvest could give
you the right ``Host:'' it might even be enough for VirtualHost's
implemented on the outside with IP addresses [though I have no idea
if Harvest supports that or not].

> 	Brian
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