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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject MS server
Date Thu, 25 Apr 1996 06:10:14 GMT

If you go visit you'll find info on
their NT server software.

"Is the fastest Web server
 Optimized for performance, IIS takes advantage of 
 Windows NT Server's high performance architecture.
 Microsoft benchmark tests show IIS consistently outperforming all 
 other popular Windows NT-hosted Web Servers. IIS outruns expensive 
 and proprietary UNIX solutions. "

Interesting use of "NT" and "high performance" in the same sentence
there. Anyone know of any URLs which try to justify the above?
Our NT box at (Pentium 166MHz) couldn't outrun a one legged
man carrying a bag of cement.

Rob Hartill (
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
           ...more movie info than you can poke a stick at.

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