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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: bug list
Date Wed, 24 Apr 1996 13:49:33 GMT
> In reply to Randy Terbush who said
> > 
> > gnats is built and installed on taz in /usr/local/gnats if I 
> > remember correctly. There was some discrepancy between Paul
> > and I about configuration issues and little response from
> > others, so that's where I left it.
> Did we?
> Ohh I remember what I said now, I didn't like the way you set up the
> categories because they were based on files. Maybe you've changed you
> opinion :-)
> I think my case is stronger now since new files get added all the time and
> anyway, file layout is not static, files can be merged or deleted. The
> categories should be based on functionality.

I have drifted more your direction in this. I think it would be good
to separate the modules, however I am less and less convinced that
someone filing a bug report can give an accurate enough assessment to
even trigger the module tag vs. the the core tag.

This may be another good question for Laura if she has some experience
with the "lay person's" bug reports.

I'm not strongly positioned either way.

> FreeBSD uses the GNU gnats system and it works fine. There are some 
> html tools so I've heard that make submitting reports and viewing the db 
> nicer. FreeBSD has a pretty crude cgi script for viewing bug reports.
> Do you want to finish setting it up?

I am deeply mired in an attempt at departure from gainful employment.
I can't give a lot of attention to this for at least another month.

One issue with gnats that I was looking at was getting it to work
as a tracking system for several distinct projects that Brian is
also involved in and that hyperreal offers services to. Perhaps the
newer version of gnats is capable of doing that. The old one
certainly wasn't. This may be a moot issue by now.

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