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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Apache1.1b1
Date Tue, 23 Apr 1996 10:51:33 GMT
In reply to Mark J Cox who said
> > Ok, that's fine. So we're still in "new development" feature freeze and the
> > head is actually our next beta release?
> I assumed that we were going to carry on adding new features to become
> 1.1b2 at the head, and that faults with 1.1b1 would also be fixed in 1.1b2
> at the head. 
> Thinking about it, this causes some problems if someone adds a huge
> feature today and we want to release a 1.1b2 that has 1.1b1 fixes and not
> the new feature.  Maybe 1.1b1 should be branched.  How do other projects
> that use configuration management (FreeBSD etc) handle similar problems? 

I think some assumptions here are a little screwy.

Either 1.1b1 is a beta release or it isn't.  A beta release means it's now
in bug fix mode. No new features period.

When FreeBSD goes into beta the tree is branched so that developers can
continue doing wacky new things in -current while the beta branch is
put through rigorous testing to shake out any little bugs that remain.

Is 1.1b1 a beta release or is it just a public snapshot? If it's a beta
release then we are now in code freeze to make sure the release proper
is rock solid.  If it's just a snapshot then it shouldn't have been
called beta.

Brian's already made commits to bugs that were in 1.1b1 on the main branch
so fixing things in the repository doesn't seem worth it anymore. Nothing
serious is lost, we have tag to retrieve 1.1.b1 and all that's gone into
the main branch since is bug fixes so the main branch can reasonably be
considered to now be 1.1b2.

Let's keep the new development freeze on for a while until we get some
concensus on how we plan to do releases otherwise we'll end up in a real

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