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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: removal of cgi-bin and cgi-src
Date Tue, 23 Apr 1996 00:59:28 GMT
> Folks, we have a problem.  We do not consider the code we distribute in 
> the cgi-src and cgi-bin directories as supported Apache code.  This has 
> not been a conscious decision, but more a reflection of the fact that 
> very few of us actually use it or care about it.  Yet, it is being 
> bundled with our software, and when there is a security warning or 
> problem with the software, the chinese wall inside our heads is not 
> relevant.  So, I propose that we remove the cgi-bin and cgi-src 
> directories - optionally, we can add a text file pointing to the more 
> common CGI resources out there.  There are only three files we have added 
> to the cgi-src directory - animate.c (a server-push CGI script), count.c 
> (a server-side counter) and random.c (a random-URL generator).  Those 
> could either be packaged separately or pointed at elsewhere.  
> Other opinions?
> 	Brian

All of this stuff is of questionable importance to the server project.
Certainly not important enough to get drug through the mud over.
I would vote to axe it and blame it's absence on the lawyers of the

Laura may have suggestions later about some basic scripts to
check out server functionality.

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