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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: removal of cgi-bin and cgi-src
Date Tue, 23 Apr 1996 00:47:12 GMT
> Folks, we have a problem.  We do not consider the code we distribute in 
> the cgi-src and cgi-bin directories as supported Apache code.  This has 
> not been a conscious decision, but more a reflection of the fact that 
> very few of us actually use it or care about it.  Yet, it is being 
> bundled with our software, and when there is a security warning or 
> problem with the software, the chinese wall inside our heads is not 
> relevant.  So, I propose that we remove the cgi-bin and cgi-src 
> directories - optionally, we can add a text file pointing to the more 
> common CGI resources out there.  There are only three files we have added 
> to the cgi-src directory - animate.c (a server-push CGI script), count.c 
> (a server-side counter) and random.c (a random-URL generator).  Those 
> could either be packaged separately or pointed at elsewhere.  
> Other opinions?

Well it's true.  I don't know anyone who uses the cgi-bin/-src
stuff.  Some of it is pretty old-hat gear these days, if you're

Perhaps people want a 'hello-world.cgi' just so that they can test
that they've set the ScriptAlias up properly.  I dunno, its been a long
time since I was clueless in this regard.

There are cgi-script repositories out there where stuff like CgiWrap
and some of the shopping trolly widgets come from.  Some of those
widgets are a good advert for what Apache (or webservers in general)
are capable of.

I suppose as a bare minimum there should be *some* diagnostic
scripts bundled with the server, someting that can be used to run
acceptance tests after the server's been set up, something to print
out the environment variable set, available root directory (for
chroot tests), PATH etc.  The problem then arises of perhaps leaving
people with a useful hacker's tool in their cgi-bin, huh.  Other
than that...

> Brian


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