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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Apache1.1b1
Date Mon, 22 Apr 1996 15:31:34 GMT
In reply to Mark J Cox who said
> I've tagged CVS ("APACHE_1_1b1").  End of feature freeze.

What exactly did you do, save me checking. What is the plan now?

If you've branched the tree then you should have placed a branch point
tag on the main tree before branching, otherwise you'll have trouble
checking out 1.1b1 because future bug fixes to the beta release will go
on the beta branch and checking out the APACHE_1_1b1 branch will get
you the current state of that branch and not 1.1b1

I did say to talk to me before doing any branching of tagging.

I haven't seen a commit message reagarding the tag operation. Maybe the
mailer isn't catching tagging operations. I'm also a bit concerned about the
version number bump. Did that go into the main branch or the tagged branch.

If the beta development is now on its own branch then the head version number
should be 1.2dev not 1.1b1.

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