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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: "Competition"
Date Wed, 17 Apr 1996 18:02:14 GMT
> We live in interesting times! What's this Postgres95, then? (Yes, I do go
> around with my eyes closed 90% of the time!).


Source available for many platforms. FreeBSD needs special handholding
to get it compiled (find . -name freebsd.html -print).  Uses SQL-like
query language plus some extensions for OO inheritance techniques,
version control, temporal queries.  Good API means that it's easy
to bolt on added features to assist in data-type conversion.  UI
from command line, also programmatical using C, Tcl, PERL5.

Developers mailing list has a digest feature (one big message every
week if you just want to keep track of goings on).  Development is
quite active (not quite Apache Group insanity-levels but close),
'official' patches turn up frequently on well supported WWW home

8 out of 10 owners say their cat prefers it.

> >  These developments open the door
> > slightly to the scary world of peer-peer HTTP.  Basically a whole
> > new range of tools to build Web-NG applications from (and all my
> > buddies at MITRE and CalTec are buying USRobotics micro-newtons,
> > putting webbrowsers on them and plugging them into their Nokia
> > mobiles!).
> Izzat some kind of Newton clone?

Motorola based in-palm 'pen' organiser thing.  SDKs for Doze/Mac.
Extremely cheap (possibly a rebadge of HW developed elsewhere), I'm
waiting for a UNIX SDK (probably linux) to turn up, then...

> Ben Laurie                  


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