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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: "Memory hog alert"...
Date Wed, 17 Apr 1996 15:02:20 GMT
> One thing we might want to do before 1.1 final (perhaps even before
> 1.1b0) is nuke the "memory hog alert" error message from http_main.c.
> This originally crept into the code back when the current code base
> was still my Shambhala project, and I was trying to figure out why
> particular requests blew the process size up to a megabyte.  It's safe
> to say that it's outlived its usefulness for that purpose by a long
> shot ;-).
> Since the thing has no value whatever to end users, and invariably
> confuses the hell out of the ones who notice it, I think there's a
> strong case for getting rid of the thing, or at least #ifdeffing it
> out, in the stock distribution.
> Any comments?

Zap it.  But on principal any unaccountable errors should still be
logged to the error_log stuff that infers a logic flaw in the code

  switch $foo {
    $bar { do_bar() };
    $baz { do_baz() };
    default { log(ERROR, "Unable to do $foo"); exit; }

> rst


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