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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: "Competition"
Date Wed, 17 Apr 1996 14:04:09 GMT
Rob on Rob:
> > It seems there's a new player in the free software market... yet
> > *another* formerly commercial company has decided to start giving
> > away their software.
> if you can't beat us ....

.... make us irrelevent?

The waters are going to get muddier still.  Oracle's new product
range includes 'free' bundled RDBMS and an above average browser.
I'm not sure what influence the increasingly impressive (and free)
Postgres95 has had on this move.  These developments open the door
slightly to the scary world of peer-peer HTTP.  Basically a whole
new range of tools to build Web-NG applications from (and all my
buddies at MITRE and CalTec are buying USRobotics micro-newtons,
putting webbrowsers on them and plugging them into their Nokia

Chat to Paul for more gen on the Oracle stuff.


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