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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: socket failed
Date Tue, 16 Apr 1996 21:41:23 GMT
> Ammm... I hate to bring this up now that the votes are due in, but it seems
> with each release of apache we're increasing the socket error to hit ratio 
> here. 
> >From 11am on the 15 to 10pm on the 16, I generated over 132 socket errors
> thi sis for about 3132 hits.  That's 30:1 ratio... with 1.0 it used to be
> about 50:1.   

Out of curiosity, do things get better or worse if you disable the
accept serialization code?

Having a longer delay between the OS detecting the request and
a process accepting it leaves more time for the client to vanish
and the socket error to occur.

Didn't that Linus character say that having all processes be ready to
accept() was a good thing?

The networks are hosed, so you might be seeing more 'there one minute
gone the next clients'.

You could always upgrade to FreeBSD  ;-)

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