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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: conditional HTML
Date Wed, 17 Apr 1996 00:21:52 GMT
  Caching should help out here.  If you use caching (all the standard
  tests do), then the tests don't actually get re-run -- the results are
  just taken from the cache.

[pokes around, tries a few configure scripts out...]

Yep.  A cache file helps a great deal when the package you are
configuring has a configure script which is recent enough to create
one.  Yours is, which I guess is the important point for this
particular argument, and I concede the point.  (It sometimes winds up
rerunning a few tests anyway, but not enough to matter).

(I can't find a cache for gcc, but that seems to be an odd duck in a
lot of respects --- I can't catch it running any tests either.  This
is with the gcc-2.7.2 distribution that was lying around in our
/src/local directory; I diffed the configure script against the one
from a fresh distribution I pulled over from prep, and it didn't
*seem* to be any different, but on our systems there is always the
possibility of something a little screwy floating around, particularly
with odd things occasionally floating up from downstairs).


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