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From Tom Tromey <>
Subject Re: conditional HTML
Date Mon, 15 Apr 1996 20:13:41 GMT
Robert> IMHO, the right thing to do is to produce a set of config files which
Robert> are valid for the location where the user wants to install the thing,
Robert> but to keep "make install" from installing them if another set of
Robert> config files is already there (with a separate "install-config-always"
Robert> makefile target for anyone who wants to force the issue).

Ok, this is no problem.

Robert> ULTRIX_BRAIN_DEATH [ ... ]

Thanks for the info.  It is probably possible to write a test to see
if ULTRIX_BRAIN_DEATH should be defined.  I just haven't bothered.


Since this bug can cause a kernel panic, I doubt we can write a
configure test for it :-)  Using the canonical host type will have to
be good enough.

Robert> The thing I'm not sure of is your strategy for dealing with an
Robert> issue which is handled by the current config setup.  For SunOS
Robert> and SGI, [ ... ]

My configuration stuff is incomplete in a few places, and this is one
of them.  The "release" I made was mostly to get people to look things
over, see the general shape of it, and try it out.

For instance, I just realized I completely forgot to write any checks
for libraries at all (oops!).  Obviously I haven't built on very many
architectures yet...

Actually, in the 1.1b0a src/Configuration, I see a note about NIS and
the SGI, but nothing about DNS on SunOS.  I guess on SunOS you want to
link with -lresolv at sites that don't use NIS?  Or is there something

Robert> (FWIW, I'm told the Kerberos folks wound up using configure
Robert> command-line options to cover this case, and maybe a few other
Robert> things that sleaze in around the edges).

There are certain kinds of things that are hard to guess.  For these
adding a --with- or --enable- option is usually the best way to go.

My current plan is to reintegrate my patches into 1.1, when it comes
out.  Hopefully 1.2 will then include these configuration changes (?).
I could try to clean things up earlier, if there was demand.

In any case, since using configure is the best way to get Apache to
fit into our source tree, that pretty much means I'm committed to
maintaining this code.

--                 Member, League for Programming Freedom

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