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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: see no evil...
Date Sat, 13 Apr 1996 15:44:43 GMT
> 	Well no one using apache would want to downgrade to netscape,
> see, so it would be pointless to list it.

Interesting.  I'm migrating the webserver survey's data to postgres95
RDBMS so that I'll be more able to answer questions just like that.
Playing around this morning I stuck the past two months' of the
survey into the system and took a look at some trends.  Precision
is deceptive, so in spite of how they seem thse are still ball-park

    Between March 1st and April 1st some 18725 sites upgraded or
    changed their software.  473 sites stopped using Apache, 122
    of these switched to Netsite, and 174 to NCSA.  917 sites
    stopped using Netscape, 519 of these switched to Apache, and
    87 switched to NCSA.  2430 sites stopped using NCSA, 1893 of
    these switched to Apache, and 255 switched to Netscape.

The usual disclaimers apply to this info, DON'T go putting it into
a press release or anything.  I'll try to get something more
presentable (and which figures I trust) together for the next
month's survey.


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