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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: mod_auth_msql.c
Date Wed, 10 Apr 1996 12:50:33 GMT
> sorry, hit the send button to early, here is a diff to move
> mod_auth_msql.c 0.5 into 0.6 with grp/gid bug fixed

I've been meaning to do this as well....

> As a minor issue. We have now a module which keeps open the
> connection with the msql database between calls. This has the
> following (dis)advantages
> - seriously faster when on different machines
> - a wee bit faster when msqld lives on the same box
> - *each* child has a connection, so msqld runs out of
>   connected clients early. (The compiled in max is low)
> - costs a lot of file/socket descriptors
> - troublesome closes when a child or msqld dies in mid-live
>   with a lot of open crap somethines left behind (on solaris,
>   NetBSD is less troublesome)
> After extensive trials we decided that it aint worth it.
> Any one cares to comment ? Should I make this an option ?
> Dw.

Based on your comment and other system limitations we are
hitting, I would vote to disable it and perhaps make it an

This brings up another problem I have encountered in the
move to Solaris, seems that local UNIX sockets fail for
accesses requested from this module. However they work
on the same machine from a perl script. Any ideas.
I've worked around it temporarily using an INET socket
but will probably need to take a closer look at what is
happening on this today.

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