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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: conditional HTML
Date Tue, 09 Apr 1996 14:29:19 GMT
> > If anyone has any tricks that'd help here, I'd love to hear from you.
> Take a look at the following attachment. I am pretty sure that
> I mailed notice of this to the list a couple of weeks ago.
> Sounds like what you are looking for.
Mailing it to the list doesn't guarantee that it seeps into
my brain  :-)

Works a treat. I had to replace a pile of "rprintf" calls to "rputs"
because it was based on 1.0.3.
 BTW, this is ugly... what should I have used?
        rputs("<A HREF=\"", r);
        rputs(location, r);
        rputs("\">", r);
        rputs(location, r);
        rputs("</A>", r);

This gets my vote for inclusion in the contrib dir. Patching the
Makefile to get it to work is a pain. Perhaps its mod_include.c could
just #include "regexp.c"' to save that hassle. It'd then become a standalone
module... unless of course regexpr.c is compiled into apache by default
so that future regexp requirements have a ready-to-use set of functions
to call on. The license seems to be relaxed enough for us to do this.


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