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From (Florent Guillaume)
Subject Conditional HTML
Date Tue, 09 Apr 1996 17:21:47 GMT
Okay, I found what I was looking for in the archives:

[Dean Gaudet, 11 Feb 1996]
> I'm willing to give the code to someone else who has the time to
> change it to whatever you guys decide you want it to look like.

Dean, I'd like to take a peek at your code, and maybe change/adapt/snarf
to suit my needs.  How can I get it ?

I'm open to all suggestion about syntax, Dean's is :

	<if supports=property1>
	    <p>say hi to the browser that does property1
	<if expr> ... <elsif expr> ... <else> ... <endif>
	expr can contain AND, OR, NOT and ()s.

	It's configured with the UserAgent directive:

	UserAgent /regexp/ property1 property2 ...

-- Florent

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