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From (Florent Guillaume)
Subject Re: conditional HTML
Date Tue, 09 Apr 1996 17:08:28 GMT
> I've seen talk on this a few times. Anyone have a module
> that does some simple conditional HTML parsing?

I'm looking into it right now, because it's badly needed when you're
writing documents in multiple languages : you don't want to maintain
several documents in parallel, but rather have only one with parts that
depend on the language.

But my concern is that we want to maintain all the caching properties,
so Apache has to be able to send a Vary: header (or one of its
variations).  This means that Apache must be able to know what are the
dependencies in the conditional HTML.  Does it test Accept-Language ?
Does it look at User-Agent to know if it can send, say, documents with
frames in it ?

So, instead of having a general <!--if--> construct, I think it would be
wiser to only test simple things like accepted-language (this is
straightforward), or browser features (someone proposed UserAgent (I
think), I'll have to dig the archives).

I'd be glad to hear any suggestions.

-- Florent

References I have about generalized SSI are :
(note that I haven't really tested any of these, just read the doc)				by Howard Fear
	It's already an Apache module, and not too big.  If I have
	to write something, I'll probably take this as a basis.
	I must look what it does about caching.			by Mark West
	But this is a full-fledged language, much too big for my needs					by Rasmus Lerdorf
	PHP/FI is also a complete language, same complaints, although
	it's easy to use with Apache.
	Spinner has an embeded language, again too powerful.

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