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From (Florent Guillaume)
Subject Re: Apache cannot handle multiple encoding types per document (fwd)
Date Mon, 08 Apr 1996 16:22:08 GMT
> 	[Unlike NCSA], Apache cannot handle multiple encoding types per  
> document.

One problem is that, according to all HTTP/1.0 drafts, you can't have
more than one Content-Encoding per document.  It only appears in
HTTP/1.1.  But maybe it isn't that important.

Another minor nit I have is that you're abusing the intent of
Content-Encoding.  Tar-ing and Bundle-ing of documents aren't strictly
speaking encodings.  Says the draft for HTTP/1.1:

  Content-Encoding may be used to indicate any additional content codings
  applied to the type, usually for the purpose of data compression, that
  are a property of the resource requested.

-- Florent

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