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From Yoshirou Hikida <>
Subject NT
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
 I have uploaded new verson of Apache for Windows NT

 source code : apache_nt.0.9.7.tar.gz
 binaries : apache_nt-bin.tar.gz (Include Alpha, PowerPC
            and x86 binaries.)

 This version has apache_nt applet which can configure CGI script

- How to install Apache for WindowsNT

 1. Logon as administrator.

 2. Copy httpd_nt.exe and htpasswd.exe into command directory. This  

 3. Copy apacheNT.cpl into %WINDIR%\System32\ .

 4. Execute httpd_nt.exe -install.
     This command write Configuration data to REGISTORY.
     If you want to change HTTPD_ROOT, you can use Apache_nt applet
     from Control Panel.

 5. Copy httpdcfg.exe into HTTPD_ROOT.
   (Default is C:/usr/local/etc/httpd.)

 6. Execute httpdcfg.exe.
     This command create Configuration files.

 7. Execute longname.bat.
     This command translate DOS filename to long filename.

 8. Edit httpd.conf, srm.conf and access.conf files.

 9. Run HTTPD_NT from Service Panel.

- How to change passwd file.

 CAUTION: Password of Apache for Windows NT is different from  
          password entry.

 1. Change directory to HTTPD_ROOT/conf.

 2. Execute "htpasswd.exe filename username".
     Filename is password entry file.

- CGI setting.

  Apache for Windows NT provides for mapping an extension to a  
  If you want to change mapping. You can use Apache_nt applet from
  Control Panel.
  Click apache_nt applet on Control Panel and select "CGI Setting".

  For example, you can set "pl" to CGI Extension and "PERL.EXE" to
  Program Path, the "pl" extension mapped to PERL interpreter.
Yoshirou Hikida
CM Project
Canon Inc.

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