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Subject My patches
Date Fri, 05 Apr 1996 17:17:56 GMT
I beleive that most of the following patches are pretty
trivial. Someone should commit them before the deadline. All are at

lcok.patch: make the 'can't open lockfile error' make more sense

include.patch: buffer stuff in find_string in mod_include.c -- I am
using an anonymous temp file and a FILE * to do this. I suppose it can
be rewritten to use the 'BUFF' stuff, but this was a patch made
against 1.0.3

null_cgi.patch: fix /cgi-bin/test?1+2+3++4

dgux.patch: port to DG/UX (From

	There is also userdir_hier.patch, which I feel has useful
functionality which we should have in the server, but my patch does it
in a very ugly manner, so I don't suggest that my patch be used.

Sameer Parekh					Voice:   510-601-9777x3
Community ConneXion, Inc.			FAX:     510-601-9734
The Internet Privacy Provider			Dialin:  510-658-6376 (or login as "guest")

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