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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Release 1.1
Date Fri, 05 Apr 1996 12:06:46 GMT
Mark "I've never heard of the term 'Bank Holiday'" Cox:
> > Not really any good way I can see to remove specific patches without 
> > destroying patches based on it.
> I agree, many of the patches are now very interdependant.
> Here is a summary of things that are in 1.1.

I notice that mod_expires.c isn't in the 1.1 dist.  Does anyone
have any problems with it that I'm not aware of?  Would this be
the right time to add it to the distributed modules?

> . New Imagemap module that can create menus for non-graphic browsers
> . New CGI scripts

We should release a 1.0.4 dist which removes/alters the phf cgi-bin
nonsense, since we're *still* distributing known flawed code with
the current dist. (unless someone zapped the 1.0.3 stuff and didn't
tell anyone)

> . CERN Metafile support

mod_cern_meta.c is in the 1.0.3 dist also, did something change in
the file?  I know, Dave R removed the need for rindex, was there
anything else?

> Mark


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