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Subject those nasty file descriptors
Date Thu, 04 Apr 1996 19:49:12 GMT
	I got a call from someone running Solaris and 1.0.3 with about
110-120 virtual hosts, two logfiles per virtual host, who is having
file descriptor problems. I had him make sure setrlimit was setting
the max # of filedescriptors properly, so i beleive that the max#
being set with setrlimit is about 8000.
	Doing a truss, it turns out that the filedescriptors that are
being returned is about 250, etc. This makes me suspicious to think
that an fd is being stored in a char rather than an int. He said he'd
watch carefully to see exactly when it fails. 
	Now I seem to recall some discussion of fd's being stored in
the wrong data type, but I thought that was fixed. I'm a bit confused.

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