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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: GII awards?
Date Thu, 04 Apr 1996 03:31:49 GMT
Having reviewed the pages, I observe that if we win, someone has to
shlep to DC (domestic air fare, lodging, and expenses paid) to pick up 
the award, sharing the dais with notables such as Al "Clipper" Gore
and Ron "one should speak no ill of the dead, so I won't go into    
specifics" Brown.  (Gore showed up last year via video; Brown went
in person).

I nominate Hartill, in the sincere hope that he will give them a piece
of his mind, in his usual inimitable style, along with suitable visual
aids featuring Wile E. Coyote.

[ The preceding outburst was brought to you by my intense frustration
  at the failings of the Clipp... make that Clinton Administration in
  most areas of civil rights, which is only increased by the realization
  that if I don't hold my nose and vote for the bastard again, the 
  alternative may indeed be genuinely worse.  Gee, "bastard", on a 
  mailing list where I *know* a minor will read it.  Am I a felon yet?
  Grump.  Grrzf.  Grumble. ]


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