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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: the final draft
Date Wed, 03 Apr 1996 22:48:09 GMT
> > Umm... would it be appropriate to mention my upcoming WWW5 paper on the
> > API in this release?  Just asking.
> difficult to see how it fit into that release, but since everyone
> had so much fun :-) writing the last one, maybe we should do this
> on a regular basis. The next press release could perhaps describe 1.1
> features where a reference to the API paper would fit in well. If
> we start writing it now, it should be kicked into shape within a week.
> Do we have a timetable for 1.1? 
> How about setting a deadline for feature additions to the cvs
> code, say this weekend, and then only allow bugfixes
> for a week, then release the results as a public beta?
> At the moment, the people who are actively working on the code
> (doing an excellent job guys) don't have a deadline, so they
> keep churning out new toys for the rest of us and there's no sign
> of a 1.1 beta.

Before freezing, there is one feature that I would like to
see us add. 

The ability to change verbosity of the logging.

I've been looking at doing this over the past week, but have
not had time to bring this up with the group. It looks easy
to do.

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