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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: For review... <Location> patch
Date Wed, 03 Apr 1996 14:21:58 GMT
> Hi.
> At the bottom of this email is a patch that implements a feature that
> I think Apache's been missing for possibly a long time: It adds a new
> directive, <Location>. This directive acts almost identically to
> <Directory>, except it takes a URL instead of a filename. These are
> parsed, in the order they appear, prior to parsing the <Directory>
> sections and .htaccess files. Though maybe they should be parsed
> afterwards (which would have the effect of overriding them, instead of
> vice versa - I'm not sure).
> Regardless, you might use <Location http:> to protect HTTP proxy
> requests, or <Location /~> for all user requests, or <Location
> /one/two/three.html>, or whatever else you want. I think it's
> useful. Especially as Apache starts to process requests that have no
> file related to them (proxy requests, the status module, etc..)
> At any rate, I submit the patch for review. Unless someone objects,
> I'll plan to commit it on Friday evening.

I like the idea, but couldn't this have been implemented in the <directory>
directive?  I know with all these new directives and such the configuration
files are just going to get more and more cryptic, (it's never reach sendmail)
but I would like to see limited number of directives.   Just my 2 cents. 
But overall I do like the idea, (have not tried the patch though).


 * Aram Mirzadeh, MIS Manager, Qosina Corp.
 * Apache Development Team,
 * Manual: "... so easy, a child of five could do this."  Boss: "Fetch
 *          me a child of five! No wonder I can't understand this."

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