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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: draft 5
Date Wed, 03 Apr 1996 10:13:07 GMT
In reply to who said
> > 
> > I'd re-read my whole reply, I've done a lot of re-wording so it parses
> > better. I've only commented on things that I disagree with.
> 	You made a reply in addition to this one? I can't find it. Can
> you resend? Thanks.

No but I changed some of your wording in my last reply.

> 	Well press releases are supposed to be self-serving, and if
> someone else can find a server survey that looks at more than 150k
> servers, then i guess i'll have been proved wrong.

They're also open to litigation but more importantly the purpose of press
releases is to get your point across. How many times have you read self-serving
press releases by Microsoft and Netscape and just ignored them? Don't
run Apache's press office on the same terms as those comapanies we always
criticise. Depends I guess on who you're targeting the press release for?

> 	How do you suggest Alexei word his comments then?

The new version of the ending paragraph put the point much better, emphasising
source availability etc.

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