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Subject Re: draft 5
Date Tue, 02 Apr 1996 18:47:13 GMT
> I'd re-read my whole reply, I've done a lot of re-wording so it parses
> better. I've only commented on things that I disagree with.

	You made a reply in addition to this one? I can't find it. Can
you resend? Thanks.

> Who exactly claims that. The way it's worded you are, if Netcraft claim
> that then *quote* them otherwise don't claim it unless you can find a quote
> from somewhere else. It's self-satisifying to make a claim that a survey
> that favours Apache is the best survey there is.

	Well press releases are supposed to be self-serving, and if
someone else can find a server survey that looks at more than 150k
servers, then i guess i'll have been proved wrong.

> Well, this is your quote but I'd re-wrod it slightly as I have above.

	good ideas. I've reworded.
> The word "free" is used very freely :-) Apache isn't always free and the
> fact that it may not always cost dollars is not the most important issue.

	How do you suggest Alexei word his comments then?

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