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From "James H. Cloos Jr." <>
Subject Re: SIGPIPE and timeout on Solaris (solved apparently)
Date Tue, 02 Apr 1996 10:31:42 GMT
Dirk> What is the bwrite() ? I cannot quite find it in the code/sol.

Bwrite() is defined in buff.c.

Bflush(), I see, also returns -1 where write(2) returns 0.  The only
comparison of bflush()'s return value, though, is against -1.

Mod_proxy.c is the only other place that bwrite() is called.  It, it
turns out, in send_fb() calls bwrite() as such:

        while(n && !r->connection->aborted) {
            w = bwrite(con->client, &buf[o], n);
            if (w > 0)
                reset_timeout(r); /* reset timeout after successfule write */

Hmm.  Looks sorta familiar.

Except for that and these two:

	if (bwrite(f2, buf, n) != n) f2 = cache_error(c);
	if (bwrite(f, buffer, len) != len) cache = cache_error(c);

proxy doesn't check bwrite()'s return value.

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