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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: draft 5
Date Tue, 02 Apr 1996 09:55:03 GMT
In reply to who said

I'd re-read my whole reply, I've done a lot of re-wording so it parses
better. I've only commented on things that I disagree with.

> INTERNET - April 1, 1996 - The Apache Group today announced that
> their popular webserver, Apache, was found by the Netcraft Web Server
> Survey to be the most popular server on the Internet.
> The latest Netcraft survey, the most comprehensive market survey of

Who exactly claims that. The way it's worded you are, if Netcraft claim
that then *quote* them otherwise don't claim it unless you can find a quote
from somewhere else. It's self-satisifying to make a claim that a survey
that favours Apache is the best survey there is.

> webservers on the net, found that Apache and its derivatives claimed a
> 29% marketshare as of April 1st, making it more widely used than any other
> webserver on the market. The NCSA server, which had previously held
> the number one position, now holds a 26% share of webservers surveyed.
> Sameer Parekh, President of Community ConneXion, Inc., commented on
> the Apache server's suitability for high-security applications, "Time
> and time again  security incidents on the Internet have shown the
> importance of having source code available for the deployment of secure
> Internet and Intranet applications. Apache is an excellent example of
> the kind of product which is suitable for high security applications,
> since the source code is provided with the product allowing full scrutiny
  of it's internal implementation.

Well, this is your quote but I'd re-wrod it slightly as I have above.

> Speaking of Apache's competition in the packed World Wide Web server
> arena, Apache Group developer Alexei Kosut remarked that "While
> commercial servers are limited by profit margins and corporate
> politics, a free server like Apache is limited only by the
> imagination." In fact, the Apache Group is working furiously on a new
> version of their server, which Kosut promises will have "more new
> features than you can shake a stick at."

The word "free" is used very freely :-) Apache isn't always free and the
fact that it may not always cost dollars is not the most important issue.

> The Netcraft Web Server Survey is the most comprehensive survey of

This is repitition and is unwise in any case (see above).

> webservers on the net. Run by Netcraft Ltd., a web development company
> in the UK, the Netcraft Survey covers more than one hundred fifty
> thousands servers on the net. The survey can be reached at

The full survey results can be found at Netcraft Ltd's web site <Get a quote from Mike at Netcraft
about what Netcraft is and ask him to throw in a comment about Apache to
make it relevant>

> The Apache Group is a collection of web developers dedicated to the
> development of a freely available, high-quality webserver for
> deployment throughout the World-Wide-Web. Information about Apache is
> available from the Apache Server, at

That's not a very good ending. What exactly are our goals? I'm not sure
the "freely available" issue is the best selling point either. Build on
the point about security mentioned above. Most commercial companies give
away free software these days, Apache's selling point is the availability of
it's source, the open (visisble) development environment and the fast
turnaround of fixes to problems.

Make the editors job easier and cut it down before even sending it in. If it's
already close to a printable state then they are more likely to use it (less
work for them).

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  Elsevier Science TIS online journal project.
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