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From Yoshirou Hikida <>
Subject Apache for Windows NT
Date Fri, 29 Mar 1996 12:02:02 GMT
 I'm uploading Apache for Windows NT /httpd/incoming. :-) It based
 on apache version 1.0.2.
 But This server has a problem. Server lock when many accesses at
 same time.
 Please test and consult it.

 - Logon as administrator.
 - Copy httpd_nt.exe and apache_nt.cpl into \SystemRoot\system32.
 - Install httpd_nt by "httpd_nt -install".
 - If you copy configuration files in different place from default 
   edit REGISTRY by REGISTRY editor or apach_nt.cpl.(It can start
   from Control Panel.)
 - Start httpd_nt from Service panel.

 Thank you.
Yoshirou Hikida
CM Project
Canon Inc.

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