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From Frank Peters <...@Jester.CC.MsState.Edu>
Subject Re: More compiler warnings
Date Sun, 24 Mar 1996 20:18:00 GMT
On Fri, 22 Mar 1996, Paul Richards wrote:

> In reply to Frank Peters who said
> > This is incorrect.  Note that SVR4 != SYSV.
> What's SVR4 got to do with it?

Solaris is based upon SVR4.

> Well, it may be in libc but it's definately slated as s BSD compatibility
> function.

No, it isn't.

> > The man page for gethostname gives this prototype:
> >
> >    int gethostname(char *name, int namelen);
> gethostname(SunOS/BSD Compatibility Library Functigethostname(3B)
>                                                ^^^^^^
>                                           I wonder why that happens?

I dunno why it happens.  It doesn't happen on any of my SunOS 5.5 (aka
Solaris 2.5) boxes.  They all give this:

  Reformatting page.  Wait... done

  gethostname(3C)        C Library Functions        gethostname(3C)

       gethostname, sethostname - get/set name of current host

       int gethostname(char *name, int namelen);

       int sethostname(char *name, int namelen);

Notice that the BSD compatibility lines aren't there.

Note that Sun has moved some BSDish calls into libc in Solaris 2.5.
Perhaps gethostname is one of them.  But note that any BSDish calls
that have been moved from libucb to libc are supported Solaris calls
now, not part of the BSD compatibility mode that may go away.

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